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From Niagara's most premium vineyards, on and surrounding the Short Hills Bench, these wines reflect the classic Niagara style of wine making with a nod to old world traditions. The whites are crisp and aromatic while the reds are fine and bright leaning towards red berry flavours. From harvest to bottle these wines take 1 to 2 years and are cropped at levels in the 3 to 4 bottles per vine range (approximately 4 tonnes per acre).

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Our Estate vineyards are all within the Short Hills Bench Appellation, which is among the warmest in the region, having 90 per cent of Niagara's south facing slope. Adjacent to the Short Hills Provincial Park, an ancient valley that was the precursor site to present day Niagara Falls, the heavy clay soils with their tossed up limestone make for wines of intensity and character. The whites are crisp but round while the sturdy reds emphasize juicy dark berry flavours. From harvest to bottle, these wines take 2 to 3 years and are cropped at levels in the 2 to 3 bottles per vine range (approximately 3 tonnes/acre).



From our oldest Estate vineyards in the Short Hills Bench, shovel-planted by the Speck Bros starting in 1984, these wines are composed from our most interesting vineyards. Many enjoy the most southern exposure in Niagara. All are clonally selected vines except in a few special cases where the plantings are old enough to predate this practice, making these unique vineyard blocks an opportunity to add qualities that cannot easily be reproduced. Through rigorous declassification, these wines are limited in production and made only when all the conditions align perfectly. From harvest to bottle, they take 2 to 3 years and are cropped at levels in the 2 to 3 bottles per vine range (approximately 2.5 tonnes/acre).



We have maintained a time honoured tradition by naming our sparkling wines after the widow and matriarch of the family. Named after Catharine Smith, Henry of Pelham's wife, Cuvée Catharine is a hand-picked, bottle fermented sparkling wine that sees lengthy aging.

Learn more about our Cuvée Catharine sparkling wines here.



Niagara's seasons are very delineated. Summer is warm and autumn is cool followed by a quick shift to winter's cold; these are the perfect conditions for producing Icewine and Late Harvest wines. When winter arrives the berries are typically harvested at night when they are frozen at -8°C (minimum) and when they are at least 36 Brix (% sugar).

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What happens when three brothers work together? Sibling Rivalry is three brothers and three blends, with three grapes per blend in our red, white and pink. Sibling Rivalry is about outcomes. The sum of the parts that make up the blends we produce and the sum of the partnership known as The Speck Brothers.

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