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Rosé Wines

Dry Rose Wine

Rosé Wines

Nothing beats a refreshing glass of Rosé! Rosé can be made using a variety of methods; however, the basic process involves the skins of red grapes touching the wine for a short while, staining it a pretty pink colour.

Our Classic Rosé wine is made primarily using our Gamay grapes and is on the drier side with a touch of sweetness on the finish. It contains aromas of rose petals and flavours of vibrant cherry with a hint of cranberry that rounds out this refreshing, dry wine. For this wine, the skin contact of the grapes is three hours, giving it a beautiful deep pink shade. It is then fermented in cold temperatures in stainless steel tanks which keeps the wine fresh and delicate.

Our Three of Hearts Rosé is made in a French Provence style. The wine is a Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris blend that undergoes cool fermentation in stainless steel with no skin contact for subtle colour extraction. The result is a gorgeous pale pink wine that is elegant and ripe on the palate with bright berry flavours and a dry finish. Fresh and delicate, this wine displays vibrant aromas of white peach and strawberry with subtle floral notes.

Both the Henry of Pelham Rosé and Three of Hearts are food-friendly and pair well with grilled chicken, fresh mushrooms, pizza and Mediterranean dishes. You can find both of our rosé wines in your local LCBO or shop online now!