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Henry of Pelham’s Winemaker Honored at Cuvée!

Henry of Pelham’s Winemaker Honored at Cuvée!

We’d all like to join in congratulating Ron Giesbrecht for winning the Tony Aspler Award of Excellence at Cuvée 2012. The committee recognized Ron’s long commitment to the larger wine community and his 22 years of consistently excellent winemaking across our broad portfolio of wines. Ron joins other Niagara industry greats such as Darryl Brooker, Bill Redelmeier and Carlo Negri in receiving this prestigious award.

Ron was hired by Paul Speck in 1990 to finish off the 1989 vintage and in the subsequent two decades he has never looked back in terms of developing and leading the Niagara wine industry in quality and consistency. A native of Vineland, he considers the friends and associations within the winemaking community of Niagara and from wine regions elsewhere as a key to both continued learning and gaining perspective that can be brought to bear in the philosophical and practical aspects of Ron’s further work. The mirrored passion that he finds in friends, colleagues and workmates is a well that he draws from and reciprocates.

Thanks to his enormous contribution, Niagara wines enjoy global recognition and appreciation and it’s only fitting that Cuvée have chosen to honor Ron in this fashion.

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