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Exotic Grapes – A Love Story

Exotic Grapes – A Love Story

Published: FEBRUARY 14, 2013
BY Jancis Robinson, Fine Wine Writing & Reviews
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“Anyone who knows anything about our latest book Wine Grapes – a complete guide to 1,368 vine varieties including their origins and flavours will know that I am likely to be madly in love with unusual grapes. I was recently treated to a tasting of a collection of them in London by someone who is every bit as besotted by them as me. I’ll be writing about that person and the tasting on Saturday, but meanwhile please regard this collection of tasting notes as a little offering for St Valentine’s Day.

Henry of Pelham, Reserve Baco Noir 2010 Ontario 16 Drink 2011-2014 Bright crimson. Clean but neutral nose. Fresh acidity. Lots of broad friendly ripe fruit on the palate entry. A tad sweet but awfully easy to like. Open and early maturing. Just very slightly bitter on the finish, but very well made. Nothing obviously non vinifera about this. 13.5%”