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A Great Year for Icewine

A Great Year for Icewine

With the Niagara Icewine Festival kicking off this past weekend, CBC Radio’s Matt Galloway asked Henry of Pelham President Paul Speck to reflect on the results of this past year’s Icewine harvest.

Optimal weather is a key factor in producing quality Icewine, with an ideal harvesting temperature lying between -8 and -12°C. According to Speck, while January of 2014 has been too cold for ideal picking so far, 2013 was a fantastic year for Icewine.

Two to three weeks ago, Henry of Pelham beat the extreme temperatures, picking approximately 150 tonnes in the harvest — including Riesling, Cabernet Franc, and Vidal varietals.

Listen to Paul Speck’s entire interview with Matt Galloway here.

The 2014 Niagara Icewine Festival runs from January 10th to 26th. View more information here.