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2016 Riesling Icewine

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The most challenging grape variety to make icewine with, the early cold of winter in the Short Hills Bench allows for a consistently high quality Riesling Icewine to be made every year. Perfumed and “citrusy” with richness. Further aging will enhance nuances of mineral, evolved and dried fruits and honey. Attractive in youth, this icewine will cellar for at least 15 years, in part due to the removal of Botrytis Affected fruit.



Winemaker's Notes

• Estate grown in the Short Hills Bench. • Made from naturally frozen grapes picked at temperatures -8 to -13ºC
• Botrytis Cinerea affected fruit is removed prior to harvest.
• Yields of approximately 15 hL/ha
• Fermented in stainless steel.

Food Matches

As an aperitif with strong blue cheeses or seared foie gras, for dessert with fresh fruit.


$49.95 (375ml)

  • Varietal:  Riesling
  • Geographic Designation:  VQA Short Hills Bench
  • Alcohol Percentage:  9.5%